"Baku Yem" MMC

"Baku Yem" MMC is an example of a reliable and high-quality service, an example of similar organizations in Azerbaijan, with modern technologies, human and labor-intensive.
We are committed to transform quality seeds into our cooperation and spread our quality to all parts of Azerbaijan.
Our feeds are produced in different types of cotton, granules and fine powder in accordance with the needs of our customers.
Obtain our values and act on them.Increasing our unity and solidarity, ensuring our consistency and profitable growth are the values that make our strategy realizable.We believe that we will progress and achieve success through the power we possess.

Make you a thousand labor, a thousand hard work, a true bounty and a part of abundance!

Court Hen Feed -2

Dust, pellet, granule are prepared in three forms.Enriched with energy, amino acids, oily seed
oil (jimix)...

Court Hen Feed - 1

It is produced in three forms: powder, pellet and granule.The rich content of dried matter,
energy, vegetable oils...

Rural Chicken Egg Feed

Dust, pellet, granule are prepared in three forms.The ingredients are rich in energy, amino...

Lamb Enlargement Feed

It is produced in pellets and granules.Enriched with energy, amino acids, grains, industrial