Court Hen Feed -2

Dust, pellet, granule are prepared in three forms.Enriched with energy, amino acids, oily seed
oil (jimix)...

Court Hen Feed - 1

It is produced in three forms: powder, pellet and granule.The rich content of dried matter,
energy, vegetable oils...

Rural Chicken Egg Feed

Dust, pellet, granule are prepared in three forms.The ingredients are rich in energy, amino...

Lamb Enlargement Feed

It is produced in pellets and granules.Enriched with energy, amino acids, grains, industrial

Fermentation Feed

Yeast is the yeast of newly emerging chicks. It is made of three forms...

Breastfeeding Hen Increasing Feed

It is manufactured in three forms, including powder, pellets and granules. All the hinges

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